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These photos may be freely downloaded for personal use. If you see a "Buy" button on a gallery or image display page, you can use this to order prints, tee-shirts, cups, and other merchandise. This will help support my photography through a small commission.

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Ice Art, Once Again

Ice Art, Once Again

I tried photographing the Fairbanks Ice Art again this year. I have settled on a style that involves mostly zoomed-in tight shots trying to home in on a view with a dark background. This is a good example. The result is that you can't capture the overall sculpture; you only get a small but (hopefully) interesting portion of it. Setting a high-contrast adds crispness, which seems to help in the case of ice art. (I usually don't like high-contrast images.) As this example shows, the recipe can produce quite dramatic and interesting images under the right conditions.


From Ice_Park_2016