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Do Not Try this at Home

Do Not Try this at Home

So I checked out this spot just north of Cape Deslacs using Google Earth, figuring it would be a scenic destination for a sunrise photo shoot. I was right; it was simply gorgeous. But what I didn't appreciate from the map was that upon walking from the car, I would meet the coast at the top of some rather imposing cliffs. I almost turned back, but then I found a tiny trail that led over the edge.... so I followed it. It zig-zagged down an very steep (but not vertical) face for a while - but then petered out mid-cliff. Still, I eventually got down by grabbing vegetation and bum-sliding. It was worth it - this was one of the prettiest morning's outings I've done in a very long time. And you can infer from the fact that I've typed this that I did manage to scramble back up again.... somehow.

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From Cape Deslacs North